When you drop off items with us, you are acknowledging that you have reviewed and accept the consignment policies.
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Consignment Policies

We are currently accepting gently used children’s clothing (size newborn - 16) & educational materials for Pre-K through 12th grade, including books, manipulatives, media, toys, games and other resources.

  • Educational Supplies & Children’s Clothing:

All items must be clean and “purchase ready”. Any games, toys, or puzzles must be verified complete prior to bringing them in to consign. All electronics must include working batteries.

We accept seasonally appropriate clothing, purchased in the last three years, sizes newborn – 16. Clothing must be freshly laundered, free of odors, stains, holes, pet hair or any other obvious signs of wear. All snaps, buttons, and zippers must be in good working order. When consigning clothing, please go through all your items BEFORE you bring them in. ONLY bring in clothing that is consignment worthy & purchase ready – i.e., you would buy this yourself based on the current condition, wear, no stains or pilling.

What kinds of items do we take? Our inventory is super vast (just the way we like it)! If you have not yet been in our stores, before you bring in items to consign, we highly recommend you coming in for a brief look around to get an idea of what type of items we will accept.

Pricing of all clothing and toys is determined by the new retail price, condition, and salability of the item.

  • How to Consign Your Items:

No appointment is necessary. Items are accepted daily during normal business hours simply bring in your items & fill out a drop slip for each box/container. 

Please limit your amount per visit to 3 boxes of educational supplies or one laundry basket of clothing. Larger amounts make it hard for staff to minimize wait times for customers & consignors. 

You will be given the two options on the drop slip: donate or return. Consignors choosing to donate any unaccepted items are free to drop off their items with no wait but if you opt to have any unsellable items returned to you, please be prepared to wait briefly while we look through your things for an initial overview. We will return any obvious unsellable items at that time. However, a more thorough and detailed evaluation will be done later when your items are actually added to your account. For this reason, additional items may still be returned to you once this more detailed evaluation is done. If you chose to have items returned, the store will notify you by email that you have items to be picked up. The consignor will then have (7) seven days to return to the store to retrieve their items. If they are not picked up in that time frame, the items will be donated. Please make sure that your email settings allow you to receive emails from our store. 

When later adding items to accounts, games, toys, or puzzles that have missing pieces or clothing found to be unsellable due to holes, stains, or missing buttons, etc. will be automatically donated.

  • Consigning Options:

We generally price educational items at 40%-75% of current retail depending on the condition, demand, and availability. Pricing may be lower if the item is older or shows signs of wear. If consigning a particularly valuable item, please alert us so we can price it with that in mind.

You may choose one of two options for your consignment earnings:

  • #1 – Store Credit

Consignors choosing this option will receive 50% of the selling price of all items sold in the form of a store credit. This credit accrues on your account & never expires. It can be used at any time to purchase items in the store. Accumulated store credit cannot be converted later to a check payout; however, it may be transferred to another person’s account.

  • #2 – Check Pay-out

Consignors choosing this option will receive 40% of the selling price of all items sold. Any account with a balance of $50.00 or more on the last day of each month will be paid out in full. Checks will be written on the 15th day of the following month and will be automatically mailed to your home address. There is a $3.00 check fee for each check printed. Any account balance of less than $50.00 will remain on the account or may be applied to in-store purchases if desired. Checks will NOT be issued for amounts less than $50.00. Should a consignor request that we replace or reissue a lost or misplaced check, the bank requires a $35.00 stop payment fee before a check can be reissued. Checks can not be replaced after six months from their original issue date.

All consignors will receive a percentage (50% or 40%) of each item’s sale price minus a small listing/tagging fee per item that is consigned: .35 for each item priced <$4.99, .45 for each item priced <$9.99, .55 for each item priced < $14.99, .65 for each item priced under $19.99, .75 for each item priced under $24.99, .85 for items priced under $29.99, etc... Items that require extensive cleaning, organizing, counting, or that have lots of pieces to tag may incur additional listing fees.

  • Consignment Period:

Educational items have a consignment period of twelve months.

Clothing items have a consignment period of six months.

Due to the high volume of sales/consignments we are unable to contact or notify each consignor as items sell. However, you are welcome to call the store and check your account balance or inventory at any time!

Please do not drop off any items you are not prepared to leave for the entire consignment period. Items cannot selectively be removed from inventory prematurely other than by purchase.

Consignors may opt to come to the store to locate & retrieve any unsold items during the last two weeks of their consignment period however, it is the responsibility of the consignor to keep up with the date and return for their items if desired, before the period ends. At the end of the consignment term, items will automatically become the property of The Homeschool Room and may be donated at the store’s discretion.

The Homeschool Room will use care in the handling of your items and do our best to protect them; however, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss due to fire, theft, or damage. Items left for consignment at The Homeschool Room are at the risk of the consignor.