Save money, shop local & support others at The Homeschool Room.

Our stores have:

Thousands of items organized by subject and topic, so browsing is easy

A store of endless options with no pressure to buy "our store brand". We carry it all!

Friendly and knowledgeable staff that are either homeschool parents or were homeschooled themselves

An organized store where you can easily find the exact topic you are looking for

Desirable, current, and high quality inventory for you to browse. No digging to find something relevant.

Inventory that is verified and tested so you are not stuck purchasing items that are either the wrong editions, missing pieces or don’t work. PLUS, we have a 7 day return policy!

By shopping with us:

You're directly supporting another family or educator by purchasing their consigned items.

You're recycling, because buying used curriculum is as “green” as you can get!

You're supporting a local, family owned business that’s been serving our area since 2002.

As a consignor with store credit, you can shop for items possibly spending no cash out-of-pocket at all!

A display of star wars books and dvds.

Avoid the hassle of:

Researching & pricing your items

Listing items for sale and answering questions

Scheduling pick-up or mailing items at the post office